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Episode 8: The Politics of Superheroes Pt 2

In this episode of Pod Culture Oz we are once again joined by author and game designer Christian D. Read from Crow Land Publishing as we discuss the politics of superheroes (part 2).

We discuss a time when superheroes were playful, the concept of adult superhero stories with consequences, and explore if superheroes are an inherently fascist genre.

“America keeps telling itself the story of powerful individuals who can change the world and who will not be changed by it.”

Christian D. Read, author

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Guest Host:

Christian Read – Author & Game Designer


  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:19 – When superheroes were playful (or: Thor and the Frogs)
  • 9:45 – Character, drama and consequences
  • 17:42 – The sad story of Watchmen prequels
  • 20.51 – Is this an inherently fascist genre?
  • 32:56 – Which countries get Superheroes?
  • 40:26 – The good stuff – recommendations
  • 50:45 – Outro

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