Show Hosts

Philippa portrait


Producer & Show Co-Host

Philippa was crowned Miss Snow Cone at 16 then ran away to join a 60s-inspired prog-rock supergroup. She was able to leverage the experience from her multiple come-back tours and her Etsy store side business and is saving up to buy the Sydney Opera House.  In her spare time, she fights crime!

Avatar portrait of David, cartoon style


Show Co-Host

David is one of those crazy kids who chases auroras. He has a lot of amazing photos of the northern and southern lights and the Milky Way and cats.  In his spare time, he fights crime! Maybe.

Avatar portrait of Nick, cartoon style


Show Co-Host

Nick like tanks, trains and tractors. He also likes history and games. In fact, he did his first thesis on how historical events are depicted in video games. That makes him uniquely qualified for this podcast. He is almost certainly an instigator of crime.

Avatar portrait of Fred, cartoon style


guest host

Fred in an International Man of Mystery.  All we can tell you is that he watches a lot of movies, and he may fight crime.  Or he may be responsible for the crime – we aren’t entirely sure (and he isn’t saying).

Illustration of a robot

Tom (aka ROBOTS)

guest host

Tom (also known as R0B0TS) is the creator of the Robots Radio podcast network and host of many podcasts including the Cyberpunk Lorecast, Fallout Lorecast, and D&D Lorecast. You could say he’s a little addicted to podcasting.

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