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Episode 22: Streaming, content, and sailing the high seas

In this special summer edition Year in Review episode, we are joined by our friends Lafayette and Carlos from the Nerds Talking Podcast. We take a take a look back at …

Black and white photo of a gothic style mansion at night with clouds over the moon
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Episode 21: Women in white – Gothic Halloween special

This year’s Halloween special sees us joined by Australian horror author Kyla Ward as we talk all about the women in white: gothic fiction – what is is, and is it …

E-reader with Bridgerton book next to a pair of spectacles.
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Episode 20: Adaptations: good, bad and terrible

In this episode we are joined by podcaster Andrea Martucci from Shelf Love while we talk all about adaptations: the good, the bad and the terrible, and look at why some …

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Episode 19: Endings – good, bad and terrible

This episode is all about endings. We contemplate finishing moves – what makes good endings, and why are so many ending so very bad. We discuss our favourite endings, and why …

Hat, slides and a shell on a beach on a sunny day
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Episode 18: Fanfic, Trauma, and Cancellations – 2022 in review

In this special Summer Edition episode, we contemplate the past year & what we liked and didn’t like. We look at our current pop culture pet peeves, have a rant or …

Woman dressed as a vampire with bloody fangs and red eyes
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Episode 17: De-fanged – Scary vampires are SO last century

In this year’s Halloween episode, we are joined again by our friend Fred as we look look at the perennial horror trope, the vampire. Flip throws out the claim that modern …

Red dragon breathing fire
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Episode 16: Heroines, Witchers, Dragons and Heists – Beyond the Monomyth

In this episode, we finally dive into the massive fantasy genre. We explore the ideas in Gail Carriger’s book The Heroine’s Journey as an alternative story structure to the more well …

Asteroid on collision course with earth
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Episode 15: Nukes, Supernovas, Meteors & Pandemics – Welcome to the Pre-Apocalypse!

In this episode, we examine the often-overlooked moments before an impending apocalypse, which have a special drama of their own. And we are here for that drama… do people come together …

Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House
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Episode 14: Scandi Noir, Reality TV, Remakes & Pandemic Brain

Or: The Long Year Reviewed   In this episode, we contemplate what we are calling the ‘long year’ of the pandemic, and assess if we have reached the goals that we …

Rocket ship in space
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Episode 13: Rockets, Billionaires & Space Cowboys

In this space-inspired episode of Pod Culture [Oz], we joined by special guest Marta Troicka as we discuss Nick’s claim that all modern space movies suck. We look at three different …

Child dressed as a ghost
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Episode 12: Ghosts are NOT horror

In this year’s Halloween episode, Dave throws out the theory that “Ghosts are NOT horror”, and challenges Nick and Flip to prove or disprove it. We discuss ghosts with unfinished business, …

Red Riding Hood in a forest with a wolf in the background
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Episode 11: Happily Ever After

In this fairy tale inspired episode of Pod Culture [Oz], we joined by romance novelist Renee Dahlia as we discuss how fairy tale tropes can be translated across into fiction. We …

Robot with mechanical body
Episode 10: Rampancy of the Artificial Mind Pt 2

“Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?” In the second part of this long-promised Westworld-inspired episode of Pod Culture [Oz], we are once again joined by our friend Fred …

White robot with green eyes holding hands in the air
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Episode 9: Rampancy of the Artificial Mind Pt 1

“Bring yourself back online…” It is finally here! In this long-promised Westworld-inspired episode of Pod Culture [Oz], we are once again joined by our friend Fred (previously seen in Episode 2: …

Side view of young boy wearing black cape and hero mask
The MCU is terrible and you should demand better

Our co-host Nick has written an article for online journal Medium that is a companion piece to our two-part series on The Politics of Superheroes. Find out what he has to …

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