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Episode 4: MMOs for world peace Pt 1

In our first official collab, in this episode of Pod Culture Oz we are joined by Tom (aka Robots) from the Fallout Lorecast as we discuss MMOs for World Peace and …

Male zombie in a zombie hoarde
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Episode 3: Zombie apocalypse – Worthy of Survival

This episode of Pod Culture [Oz] looks at the perennially popular zombie trope. We go from the vintage film White Zombie, to the revival film Night of the Living Dead, to …

Four faces in profile on a colourful starfile background
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Episode 2: Omega Point, sensates and space cannibals

This episode of Pod Culture [Oz] looks at the works of Jesuit Priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and his monumental work on the evolution of humanity, which he called the Omega …

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Where to find the Pod Culture [Oz] podcast

We hope you enjoyed Life in Lockdown, the first episode of Pod Culture [Oz], and have been intrigued by the hints about our upcoming episode on the Omega Point. Trust us, …

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Welcome to PodCulture [Oz]: Life in Lockdown

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Pod Culture [Oz], a new Australian Pop Culture podcast about genre fiction. Your show hosts Dave and Nick, together with co-host and producer Philippa, are …

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