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An Aussie podcast about genre fiction.

Pull up a chair and join us at the Pod Culture [Oz] virtual cafe table, where we chat about the important things in life – books, movies, tv shows and all kinds of gaming.

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Recent Episodes

Asteroid on collision course with earth
Episode 15: Nukes, Supernovas, Meteors & Pandemics – Welcome to the Pre-Apocalypse!

In this episode, we examine the often-overlooked moments before an impending apocalypse, which have a special drama of their own. And we are here for that drama… do people come together in …

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Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House
Episode 14: Scandi Noir, Reality TV, Remakes & Pandemic Brain

Or: The Long Year Reviewed   In this episode, we contemplate what we are calling the ‘long year’ of the pandemic, and assess if we have reached the goals that …

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Rocket ship in space
Episode 13: Rockets, Billionaires & Space Cowboys

In this space-inspired episode of Pod Culture [Oz], we joined by special guest Marta Troicka as we discuss Nick’s claim that all modern space movies suck. We look at three …

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Child dressed as a ghost
Episode 12: Ghosts are NOT horror

In this year’s Halloween episode, Dave throws out the theory that “Ghosts are NOT horror”, and challenges Nick and Flip to prove or disprove it. We discuss ghosts with unfinished …

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Red Riding Hood in a forest with a wolf in the background
Episode 11: Happily Ever After

In this fairy tale inspired episode of Pod Culture [Oz], we joined by romance novelist Renee Dahlia as we discuss how fairy tale tropes can be translated across into fiction. …

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About Pod Culture [Oz]

Pod Culture [Oz] is a podcast by a bunch of Aussie gamers who are genre fiction and pop culture aficionados.  Episodes are released monthly(ish).

What People Say

"Thanks for the podcast, as you can see, it's making me THINK. Which I always love."
“I listened to the Fairy Tale episode, and then I listened to almost all the other episodes because I was having such a good time..”
“I met a couple of mates who do an Australian podcast. Our listeners might be interested in their episode on the MCU and an article called 'The MCU is terrible and you demand better'...If you get a chance head over to Pod Culture Oz and check it out.”
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