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Welcome to PodCulture [Oz]: Life in Lockdown

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Pod Culture [Oz], a new Australian Pop Culture podcast about genre fiction. Your show hosts Dave and Nick, together with co-host and producer Philippa, are inviting you to join them for some deep dives into themes and metanarratives that span literature, film, television and gaming.

In this inaugural episode, we discuss the challenges of Life in Lockdown – what we are reading, watching and playing when our usual outlets are restricted. At the time this was recorded Nick was in the extended Melbourne lockdown in Victoria. Dave and Philippa had experienced the 3-month lockdown in NSW and were still working from home. Welcome to the new world.

Below you will find a list of books, movies, tv shows and games that we discuss during this episode. Many of the titles touched on in this episode will be looked at in more depth in upcoming episodes.

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What we are reading:

What we are watching:

What we are playing:

Other links

The Vogue Adventuring Company: A selection of outfits from Red Dead Online (as mentioned in the podcast).

Philippa mentioned her fashion-inspired posse in Red Dead online. Here are some of her signature looks. Yes, she does like taking screenshots.


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