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Episode 3: Zombie apocalypse – Worthy of Survival

This episode of Pod Culture [Oz] looks at the perennially popular zombie trope. We go from the vintage film White Zombie, to the revival film Night of the Living Dead, to the modern dystopian 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead. And we mustn’t forget To The Lake

Our mighty trio face down the apocalypse – through movies, tv, and games – and examine the personal and the political of zombie dystopias. We break it down into what we are calling the Three Phases of Modern Zombie Storytelling (isn’t that a mouthful!). Then we take a look at the politics of zombie dystopias, which countries get zombies, and why Snow Plough Guy is the hero we all need.

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  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:00 – Why Zombies?
  • 4.34 – Phase 1: Personal horror
  • 12:37 – Phase 2: Zombie Apocalypse
  • 23:23 – Phase 3: Zombie Dystopia
  • 37:20 – Are Zombie stories anti State?
  • 52:32 – Zombies – a uniquely American genre?
  • 1:03:29 – Why Snow Plough Guy is the hero we all need
  • 1:15:19 – Gamers vs Zombies
  • 1:32:26 – Zombies in society
  • 1:38:43 – Wrap up and outro

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