Month: October 2020

Episode 2: Omega Point, sensates and space cannibals

This episode of Pod Culture [Oz] looks at the works of Jesuit Priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and his monumental work on the evolution of humanity, which he called the Omega Point.

Our gallant trio of hosts, along with special guest host Fred, examine the concept in different formats of fiction – books, tv, and games – and look at what it mean to be human and where evolution may take us. The primary texts examined are the Wachowski’s Netflix show Sense8, Julian May’s Saga of the Exiles and Galactic Milieu series, and anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, but we also visit many other works along the way.

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Omega Point theory

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Other links:

  • Sense8: More than Human, AV Club, 26 June 2015. – The article Philippa mentioned that discusses the infamous Sense8 birthing scene.

Thank yous:

  • BookThingo – thanks to Kat, Rudi, Dr Jodie and all the gang. Thanks for encouragement, and for twitter discussions.
  • Wicked Wallflowers Club – huge thanks to Jenny and Sarah, especially for tips about theme music.
  • Fallout Lorecast – Tom (Robots) for excellent advice on podcast distribution and marketing.
  • Megan Wedge, Sound Engineer – fabulous Megan, thank you so much for everything you do, and for amazing advice on editing. All those extra umms and ahhs were removed because of you (but I left some in! Because you said to!).
  • Deconstructing Damsels – I didn’t mention you on the podcast, but your advice on recording podcasts and herding cats, and all round encouragement has been great.

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We hope you enjoyed Life in Lockdown, the first episode of Pod Culture [Oz], and have been intrigued by the hints about our upcoming episode on the Omega Point. Trust us, we get deep into crunchy ideas about the evolution of humanity – it will definitely be worth checking out.

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Welcome to PodCulture [Oz]: Life in Lockdown

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Pod Culture [Oz], a new Australian Pop Culture podcast about genre fiction. Your show hosts Dave and Nick, together with co-host and producer Philippa, are inviting you to join them for some deep dives into themes and metanarratives that span literature, film, television and gaming.

In this inaugural episode, we discuss the challenges of Life in Lockdown – what we are reading, watching and playing when our usual outlets are restricted. At the time this was recorded Nick was in the extended Melbourne lockdown in Victoria. Dave and Philippa had experienced the 3-month lockdown in NSW and were still working from home. Welcome to the new world.

Below you will find a list of books, movies, tv shows and games that we discuss during this episode. Many of the titles touched on in this episode will be looked at in more depth in upcoming episodes.

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The Vogue Adventuring Company: A selection of outfits from Red Dead Online (as mentioned in the podcast).

Philippa mentioned her fashion-inspired posse in Red Dead online. Here are some of her signature looks. Yes, she does like taking screenshots.